Xaria Williams

My dream is to write a book that speaks to adolescents, teenagers, and young adults. I want to create a connection with my readers and help them understand their worth as an individual. It is not meant to resemble a self-help book that tells them to be a better person. My goal as the author is to become a confidante and mirror. The scenarios and characters are all made up, but the things they experience will target the importance of individuality, self-worth, friendships, social pressures, insecurities, and positivity towards the future.

I know firsthand how impactful these concepts are in shaping personal image. The struggle I went through in middle school inspired my desire to connect with others and help them not feel the same way I did. As they see themselves in the characters, I want my readers to compare themselves and actively question what they would have done differently in that situation. Like a friend, I want to be someone they can rely on for advice and familiarity. More than anything, I want to positively impact the way they think about themselves by being a word of encouragement, a voice of reason, and an objective mirror.

Through my dream, I am hoping to break the stigmatism surrounding society by targeting the younger generations and pushing them toward challenges and autonomy. This means speaking on getting older, overcoming insecurities, worries about the future, the pressures social settings, and existing as a human in what it means to be apart of a globally, technologically- based world.

As a senior, I am hoping that by graduating with my Associate’s Degree I will be able to jump right into the thick of my Psychology and English majors. My Psychology expertise and background will help me make my stories more well-rounded, and I will be able to provide more authentic, insightful advice. As an English major, my writing will be more proficient. I plan to

Xaria Williams

venture into developmental editing where grammar and rhetoric will bring more life to my stories. In order for those books to be impactful, I have to captivate my audience, and that won’t happen without understanding the workings behind their minds and the structure of a sentence. To be more creative and helpful to my audience, I will study my absolute hardest at my preferred college. This scholarship’s financial assistance will provide me more time to invest in my dream rather than wonder how I will pay for it.

My dream is to help others find themselves. To make that dream happen I have set up the tangible goals of being an editor, motivational speaker, and novelist. I want to be the friend to those who believe they don’t have anyone.

Xaria Williams

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