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The Entrepreneurs Scholarship Program (ESUME)

Introducing Bonus Scholarships:

Honoring the lives of Dr. Rodney B. Frazier and Ms. Monica Kenney



The Entrepreneurs Scholarship Program (ESUME) invites all eligible students to apply for the 2024 ESUME Scholarship.  Awards are from $1000 to $2500.  We also have added three additional honorary scholarships, our bonus scholarships!  1 – $5000 scholarship in honor of Dr. Rodney B. Frazier, our former Board Member, Pastor, Teacher, Musician, Husband, Father, and Friend.  Also, we have 2 – $2500 scholarships in honor of Ms. Monica Kenney, VP of Frost Bank, Mother, Sister, and Friend.  Each of these have their own essay requirements as well.  If you wish to apply for these you may do so.  (Please note: if you win one of these honorary scholarships, you will not be eligible to receive a regular ESUME scholarship).

Click here to learn more about Dr. Rodney B. Frazier.

Click here to learn more about Ms. Monica Kenney.

Meet our 2023 Scholarship Recipient - Lydia Taylor

Providing Scholarships to Deserving Students

The Entrepreneur’s Scholarship Unlocking Minds Through Education (ESUME) Program provides scholarships to deserving, underprivileged high school students wanting to attend college, and current college students to assist them in achieving potential life goals that might otherwise be unobtainable without financial assistance. The scholarship is open to all current high school seniors, students attending a two-year, four-year, or graduate school program taking six hours or more.


We provide a minimum $1,000 scholarship to all applicants who meet the requirements.

eliminating barriers

Building Community

The Entrepreneur’s Scholarship Program strives to:


  • Promote and provide financial support for postsecondary education


  • Assure that students have the information necessary to make sound financial choices


  • Lead a joint network of community and educational partners aligned to support students’ preparation, transition, and diligence to degree completion



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