Dijon Echols~McGhee

I plan on making a difference in my field by helping the less fortunate and stop people of color from being wrongly punished by the unjust system. That’s why I want to major in in political science and become a Civil Rights Lawyer.

The way I want to make a difference is helping families and people who have been wrongly

treated due to racism or discrimination. Which mostly happens to people of color who can’t afford a lawyer and aren’t able to get justice because of that. So I want to start my own law firm, where myself and other lawyers help people get justice and not just be ignored by the government. Especially with what is going on in america right now I truly believe this would really benefit a lot of people because too many people of color are treated unfairly and the person who treats them unfairly isn’t punished at all for what they have done. Which is why it keeps happening over and over again because people think that it’s okay. It truly makes me upset and sad that this happens so much and there is nothing be done about. I love debating and proving people wrong so I thought why not use that for good, and help make a change while doing something I love. Also if my law firm is successful I want to use my money to help African-American kids want to like and enjoy school. I want them to want to get a degree or multiple and be successful in life. I want them to know that they can do and be whatever they want, no matter what anyone says or what society classifies as “normal”. In my generation especially where I live kids my age and younger do not really believe they can do more than just the average or below that. They have dreams and goals but don’t pursue them because no ones believes in them. I would like like to completely change that. I want African-American kids to see more people like them with similar backgrounds in powerful roles like doctors, lawyers, judges, business owners, teachers, dentist, entrepreneurs, etc. So they can have someone to look up too and say if they can do it, I can too.

My main reason for becoming a lawyer is to help. To help as many people as I can doing what I love the most. I don’t want the world to be the way that it is right so I’m going to do something to change that. Kids are the future, so since I was so supported and encouraged to do my best always. I am going to pass that forward and help kids feel exactly how I felt when I accomplished something. I just want everyone kids and adults to feel how I feel happy and passionate about what I do and I want them to have hope in the future just like I do.