Bement Assefa

The world is evolving, and the United States free enterprise market is changing through the internet. Marketing is the main reason that internet companies and online retailers have become more common and successful. I would like to create and manage a marketing firm that is up to date with the technology and skills needed to run big corporations as well as succeed in areas nobody has thought of yet. I would like to study social media and its influence on individuals to apprehend the demands and successfully fulfill them with the supply needed. With the closing of so many big stores, I realized that I need to build a skill that is up to date because technology is expanding, and robots are going to be taking our jobs in the near future. The largest movie company, Netflix does not own a single theater, the largest transportation provider, Uber doesn’t make any cars, the largest hotel company, Airbnb doesn’t own a single hotel and Amazon just passed Wal-mart as the nation’s biggest retailer and they don’t even own a single store. My point is that I believe I can have a positive impact on people’s lives by teaching what I learned which will be mastering the online retailing and marketing skills. My determination and hard work will pay off as I will not stop until I master the skills needed to be successful in changing the future of the nation’s economy. I believe that I will always remember where I come from and I will do anything in my power to educate the lower income class to better themselves and their loved ones. I hope to go back to school to earn a MBA in business administration and become a Chief Executive Officer one day. Thank you for your time and I promise that you would not regret giving me this award.