Our Recipients

Here are just a few of the students we’ve been able to provide scholarships to.


I am currently a student in the Specialist in School Psychology program at Texas A&M University- Commerce, and here I am learning a lot about what it means to be a School Psychologist. I am also learning more about how this role compares to my personal professional development and values.


In considering the type of positive impact I see myself making in the field of psychology, I have decided to highlight the views of my future role as a School Psychologist. I will do this by focusing on my ethical/legal commitments and the domains of practice that are particularly important to me.

MaKayala Glenn

With an interest in the power of storytelling, I am majoring in the media communications discipline because the field is growing and taking over new platforms.

I would like to have my place in the world of journalism because I believe it will always be evolving and engaging. Journalism is a broad field, but I would love to be known as a community-focused storyteller. I absolutely see myself in front of the camera.

However, I also recognize my strong desire to have a well-rounded career by working behind the scenes in a newsroom. 



As a small business enthusiast, it has always been my dream to guide people’s passions into income-generating projects that can provide them with the freedom and opportunities that some workplaces cannot. Through financial planning, marketing expertise, and workforce development, I want to teach success strategies to those who have fewer opportunities than most of us at achieving gainful employment, no matter their disabilities or circumstances.


During my 2019 year of service as an AmeriCorps VISTA at the Better Block Foundation, I learned that a person’s economic status is often tied to the health of their environment. 

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