Phillip Lotaire

In my chosen field of study, medicine, I feel I will make a significant difference. There are vast number of physicians, however a small percentage of physicians are of African American heritage. I pride myself on maintain a spirit of excellence and I wish to continue this posture to the medical field as a physician. I want to be able to make this, already difficult field, a level field for African Americans.

There are hundreds of different specialties in the single field of medicine, from oncology to phlebotomy. There will always a great need this field will always have room for people to be able to join, from being the head surgeon to just cleaning up after the surgery. The demand for physicians will always exceed the supply because of the expanding fields of study within the discipline and the continued discovery of unknow and new diseases and treatments that will be formulated. there will always be jobs. The most common characteristic of all the personnel in the medical field is the want and need to help those people on their worst days.

In many cases to the people we help, we are heroes, but this is just another Wednesday night on a shift you didn’t want, but took because someone wanted to spend the day with their kid for their birthday. These instances are seen all throughout the field. I would like to be able to change the field to make it to where every type of person with their own job knows just how important that persons job is and can appreciate each other, and have that understanding. It is common knowledge what a neurosurgeon does, but not everyone knows what an orthopedist is and does. An Orthopedist is a doctor that specializes in making shoes for children with birth defects of the feet legs and ankles.

From my experience as a high school offensive lineman, I know and understand that many jobs just aren’t appreciated and understood as much and as well as the other positions. An offensive linemen’s duty on the football field is to move a 300 plus pound person from one place to another while making sure that the quarterback and running back are safe from the eleven guys that are trying to tear off their heads. This is basically the job of the CDC, the football would be the lives of the

public. They protect the public from the diseases of the world. the doctors and surgeons are like the quarterback, the running back, and the receivers; they score all the points, while the linemen are in the background and don’t get any of the praise and glory, the football would be the lives of the public.

All jobs are important to the overall success of the medical field, working in the emergency room is like studying in a war zone. There will be explosions of blood, gore and carnage, but in this situation there are those that strive in the chaos, and it will become a normal thing for them. They will make the best of a bad situation, with their determination and their will to succeed and prosper, in the chaos. I am one of those rare people, I was born in chaos so I understand it and I thrive in it. Being an E.R doctor doesn’t intimidate me. I want to see all the gore and help those kids and makes the lives of them forever changed.