Ma’Kayla Glenn

With an interest in the power of storytelling, I am majoring in the media communications discipline because the field is growing and taking over new platforms. I would like to have my place in the world of journalism because I believe it will always be evolving and engaging. Journalism is a broad field, but I would love to be known as a community-focused storyteller. I absolutely see myself in front of the camera.


However, I also recognize my strong desire to have a well-rounded career by working behind the scenes in a newsroom. With classroom and practicum experiences from Texas Tech University, I look forward to future opportunities to produce or deliver stories.


I plan to positively impact the world of journalism by telling and producing stories in an engaging and informative way, while infusing a huge dose of compassion. I would like for my stories to have life and produce life by providing inspiration, celebrating differences, revealing relevant information and/or creating a call to action for social change.


As an African American female raised by a mother with disabilities, diversity is important to me. I am aware the public has been conditioned to see one type of person delivering the news, in movies, and in other major roles. I am also aware of networks with diverse anchors, reporters, and programming. I pay attention to these networks when I see myself or when I see a person with a disability. I was certainly impacted by the history made January 20. For the first time in American history, a woman of color became the Vice President of the United States of America. Representation and diversity are truly celebrated when talent and skills are recognized. In my future career, I will embrace and fight for opportunities for all populations to feel as though they are represented because representation matters.


After my bachelor’s degree, I want to attend law school. I can use my law degree in a newsroom while working for the legal team or entertainment law.  I can work as an attorney fighting for rights or write about the laws and policy work to advance causes. Overall, the skill sets from both disciplines can lead to a plethora of interesting and impactful careers.


With over 500 volunteer hours, community service has already been a big part of my life. I will utilize my professional platform to volunteer. I would even love to sit on the board of a nonprofit. I have a sincere interest in giving others the same opportunities provided to my family as we support my mother through her Multiple Sclerosis journey, helping senior citizens and helping other determined students secure a bright future.


My parents attempted to plan for my education. With the increasingly high cost of college coupled with my mother’s illness and her 2018 job loss makes paying for college a concern. I am requesting any level of support. Scholarships will ease the financial concern and bring me a step closer to realizing my goals.