Kymbriana M. Moore

In life I’ve always wanted to bring a positive vibe to every atmosphere I step in. As an aspiring college student who just graduated with their masters in Forensic science I plan to be different and diverse, give unanswered questions answers, and to give families a peace of mind in the death of their loved ones. This task won’t just happen with ease, but it will happen with time.
In life I’ve always been taught to be a stiletto in a room full of flats. So being different while staying true to self has always been a goal in life for me. The objective to achieve this is to figure out what works best for me and add my own twist. I understand that the lab can be an intense environment that might cause a lot of tension, but it doesn’t have to be that way. A thing I hate the most is going somewhere I hate going to. I want to make working as a scientist exciting instead of what the world sees us to really be. For Example, in life I’ve always been a dancer naturally and I have always said that I would be called the dancing scientist. I want to stand out from other scientist, I want to have fun with the thing I love to do, but most of all I want people to know that you can always put a sparkle of you in whatever you do.
In the life of a Forensic scientist There are a lot of questions being asked and some have immediate answers, some take time to answer, and some none at all. I have all intentions to answer every question that will be asked I know some may be impossible, but I will dedicate myself to my work to make sure there is enough information to answer every question that may be asked. These tasks may require long

and sleepless nights to complete, but this is what I signed up for. For example, If there are still questions on how someone was killed and we aren’t quite sure what the reasoning of death was, answering that one question could bring so much closure to what exactly happened in that case. This has always been a dream of mine to figure out exactly how someone’s death occurred.
Family is one of the biggest and most important things in someone’s life. Being a Forensic Scientist I will be able to give families closure about what happened to their loved one. I can also help provide information on who the killer was and maybe see what their motive could have been. I know how losing someone close to you can feel and the actions and what it can cause you to do. I really want to bring positivity to families and help rise them from the hurt of the unknown. For example, I lost one of my uncles when I was sixteen I didn’t know what he had died from it caused me to hurt deeply until I knew it brought closure for me to let him rest in peace.
So me bringing positivity as a newly Forensic scientist will show through my work. I will always be different and stand out. I will always provide answers to the answers unknown. Finally, I will always provide closure for the families of the ones they’ve lost.