Jennifer Cabrera

Throughout my high school years, I have been learning about the business field. From going to intern at AT&T to being in charge of most school events, I have learned how to communicate with others, how to organize and plan for events, and more. As I am getting ready to graduate, I plan on expanding my business knowledge throughout college. I do not have a particular business field I want to go into because I want to learn about each part of business.

As an aspiring college graduate, I see myself making a change in the business field. Using my knowledge, I want to travel the world while working. I want to be able to help others in any way possible. For example, if someone needs help in school, work, I want to be able to teach them and give them a little overview of what I do in the business field. Not only do I want to expand my knowledge, I also want to help others expand their knowledge. Having the opportunities I have had, I believe that it is not who you know but it is who knows you. As I am going to college, I plan to continue meeting new people and learning about what they do and how. With the connections I get, I know I can ask for help whenever I need them.