E’Mya Goree

Pursuing a Career in the Medical Field

Too many black people aren’t furthering their education after high school. This is a problem. Not enough people who look like me are in the medical field and giving back to their own people. I need to see more of me checking my temperature and giving me a bandaid to make me feel better. I need more black people being in charge. This is important to me, because representation is everything. We must think about the black kids in the generation after us, they need to know that they can get a college education and they can do something different with their lives. Who will be the representation? Who will show the black kids of tomorrow that they can and will? I have someone in mind.

Becoming a doctor has always been a goal of mine, I don’t like to say dream, because it makes it sound less attainable. I know that becoming a Physician is a goal of mine, because it’s something I’m working toward and trying to accomplish. I want to be a Pediatrician, simply to show younger black kids that it is possible and to give back to my community. The physician is always the one you remember, the one that tells you to feel better and who really leaves a mark on your heart. Because I do care about the well being of people, I feel that being a physician is the best way to show it. Because I know that furthering my education is important and setting an example is what I aspire to do, nursing is what’s going to keep me in school, so that these things can happen.

Yes, I want to set an example, but a physician in itself is more complex than one may think and I love that it takes skill. It takes lots of patience and waiting to get to where you want to be. This is okay. With this, I am teaching myself to truly work for what I want and to trust that throughout it all, I want to pursue it for the love of it. It’s teaching you that the right amount of education will get you to where you want to be. I know that I will be making a difference in my life by learning and exploring this field, and also instilling it into the patients that being in that position is possible.

I’ve always wanted to be someone that someone else looked up to. Because I know that my community, my upbringing and the few people I looked up to, were impactful in my choice of pursuing this career, I know that I will make a difference in which more black kids will be involved in healthcare. This is needed because there aren’t enough black and educated people in the medical field. I’m going to be the example, finishing school, doing what I love and being knowledgeable about the endless opportunities an education gives. I want to show that along with education, it is important that you love what you aspire to do and have a strong reason for why you need to do it.

I need to be a physician because I want to change lives, in a way no matter big or small. I want to change lives in front of me and change lives all around me and over time. I am a caretaker and I want to show that, being an African American woman.