Delesia Conerly

Representation is important to me. Growing up, my parents inspired me in a positive way by teaching me how to stand up and be a leader, how to ignore those who try to impact my life in a negative way, and help those who otherwise cannot help themselves. Those characteristics have driven me to be a leader, one that will make a positive impact in the lives of others. My goal is to one day become a Veterinarian.

While researching data on the percentage of minorities in the field of veterinary medicine, I found something very interesting. The Huffington Post states that veterinary medicine is “The Whitest Profession in America”. Even though I am not surprised, I am somewhat shocked of how the profession is being categorized. Growing up when visiting a pet shop, it was very uncommon to see a minority veterinarian or even more so one that is a female. Being a double minority in this field gives me the drive even more to complete my career goal.

I have always been affected by and attracted to animals. I have had two puppies and they both have brought joy to my life. I was fortunate to intern in an animal hospital for several months. During my hours of shadowing with one of Arlington’s most reputable veterinarian, I was exposed to different animals. This time allowed me to experience physicals, surgeries, kennel care and I even was able to perform a dissection. I knew going in that this experience would either make me or break me on my career decision. I am grateful that it proved positive. Helping and making animals feel better makes me feel good and also make the pet owners feel good. This is one of the main reasons why I want to pursue this career. Being a role model will help inspire me to help others especially our young girls by spreading awareness, not only in race but gender as well. I believe I could make a positive impact and spread the knowledge by being a role model and mentor and share with mentees that you can accomplish any goal you want through education, hard work, studying and staying focus.