Allysann Jackson

When I was younger, I remember constantly looking at fashion magazines and watching Project Runway with my grandmother. As I get older, I still enjoy both of those things as well as I find myself keeping up with trends in the fashion industry. My hobbies might infer that I want to be a fashion designer, but I actually want to work more in the business side of the fashion industry. That is why at Southern Methodist University, I plan on double majoring in Marketing and Finance.

Career-wise, I hope to first become a brand specialist for a fashion company. A Brand Specialist manages a company’s brand by developing campaigns and plans that will increase sales and awareness of their company’s brand. This will allow me to show my passion for fashion every day. Being a brand specialist combines both marketing and finance to ultimately help promote the company’s brand. Hopefully, after being a brand specialist for a while, I hope to open my own successful jewelry company.

This scholarship will aide me in pursuing my academic career that will allow me to accomplish my career goals. My father suffered from ALS which made him dependent on my family for daily activities. Before my father passed, my mother quit her job to take care of him. For a while, my family was getting no work income other than my father’s early retirement income. Since my father’s passing, my mother has still not found a full-time position. This has caused my family to struggle financially. I know that this scholarship will “lighten the load” for my mother and help me to earn a college degree.